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Genealogical Data
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e-mail Contact Max van Damowner of the genealogical information on this site and site manager.

Corrections and additions

Information presented on this site may contain incorrect or incomplete entries, or erroneously even wrong data. Everybody is encouraged to provide additions and/or corrections. The same is true in case links may not function properly. 

Information exchange

As a guiding principle for presenting information on this site, all presentable data are without exclusions accessible for everyone. In case data are retrieved for own use, I will appreciate to be acknowledged

I will be enlightened to make contact with people who work on family trees that are included in this site. 

Cooperation and assistance

In the past, genealogical information has been worked out for friends and acquaintances. In many cases, the purpose was to find members of the family. In some cases, cousins and nieces were successfully traced down. It is not always easy, but certainly for searching Dutch archives, some experience has been gained.

On a limited scale, some willingness exists to do that for others as well. The willingness is conditioned:

1.   It should be Jewish families that live or have lived in the Netherlands.

2.   The willingness to provide data concerning family
of the requesting person (birth-, marriage-, death-, and profession) of the current and previous generation, which is not yet public due to privacy constraints. 

3.   To donate to Jad Davids in Israel
, an organization that provides help to elderly old-Dutchmen in Israel.