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Genealogical Data
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Family Trees of Dutch Jewish Families

This site contains genealogical data of more than 180,000 persons that are related to Dutch Jewish families, which are collected by Bertha and Max van Dam. The database contains over 35 separate family trees.
Characteristic for these family trees is that the ancestors of almost all these families lived in The Netherlands already before 1800. Another characteristic is, alas, that large parts of these families perished during 1940-1945.

It is our duty to those who have been murdered, to remember, never to forget them and to know why they perished, "so that once many millions will be alive, born from those … who did survive." (in italics translated from a poem by Jaap de Boers, 1979)


Guidance, boundaries and considerations applied when collecting the genealogical data and their presentation on this site.


Explanation for searching within the genealogical data on this site and explanation of the terminology used.


Concise historical background of the Jewish community in The Netherlands, as visible in the genealogical data.


Who are the compilers of the genealogical data? What were the motives?


Many of the consulted digital sources fro The Netherlands and some from outside The Netherlands, used for collecting the genealogical data.


Explanation about information exchange, cooperation and offered help.

Genealogical Data

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